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Mother of Dr. Brian Meeker

Lovey Meeker died from breast cancer January 2, 1994. Lovey and Orville Meeker spent the majority of their married life raising their seven sons on the farm near Letts, Iowa. Lovey was born in Chicago, September 30, 1930, as Hildegarde Louise Detjen, the third of four children to Rev. and Mrs. John Detjen. Lovey loved family farm life and large family gatherings. She was an avid reader, and volunteer librarian. She was known as a great cook. Even with their large family, the Meekers were legal guardians to a disadvantaged minority child and fostered several others so the house was always full of boys. Lovey never missed any of her sons many activities and was a fixture at sporting events cheering encouragement. The Meeker’s purebred swine sales were always well attended and successful, no doubt due to the added feature of Lovey’s meals of chili, roast pork and homemade pies.

Lovey mourned the loss of her second son Steven who was dedicated to the family farm but succumbed to depression and suicide during the farm depression. She insisted that all of her children have access to college education, something that her or Orville could never afford, but they worked hard to provide the opportunity for all of their children. She will always be lovingly remembered.

Lovey’s father preceded her in death, and since her mother and younger brother Jack have also passed away. Her oldest brother Detlef in Chicago, and older sister Delores in Emden Illinois, survive her. Her 6 sons and many grand and great-grandchildren also survive Lovey.