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Mike Riege; Cindi and Tom Stueck; Robin Martin; Mark Mossman and Don Eells

From left: Mike Riege; Cindi and Tom Stueck; Robin Martin; Mark Mossman and Don Eells

Cargill made a $50,000 donation to Virginia Gay Hospital to assist with establishing mental health care in the new clinic currently under construction in Vinton. The donation was made as the result of efforts by Cindi and Tom Stueck. Tom is an employee of Cargill and Cindi is an employee of Virginia Gay.

Cargill’s world-wide giving in 2016 was more than $50 million. Cargill businesses and facilities and their employees also give through more than 350 employee-led Cargill Cares Councils worldwide. The councils provide support for local charitable and civic organizations and programs such as food relief agencies, school and youth programs, and local environmental projects.

Robin Martin, Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation director said, “We’re extremely pleased to accept this donation and with this gift from Cargill, we are now at 92% of our $1.5 Million goal. The Foundation contributed $500,000 to the project and now we’re working to reach our goal before the clinic opens.”

Mike Riege, administrator of Virginia Gay, explained why the mental health initiative is so important when he said, “Providing access to mental health care is probably the single-most important thing we can do to improve the overall health of our patients.”

“Mike Timmermans kicked the campaign off and part way through the fundraising he retired and I transitioned into the job,” explained Robin, “and those kinds of transitions always require time for everyone to get acclimated to their new roles. We’re through that, and now I want to continue with the great work Mike did and make this campaign a complete success.”

Donations are still being accepted by the Virginia Gay Health Care Foundation and all donations are tax deductible. To learn more about giving opportunities, please click here.