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The Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation is excited to announce the most recent Jeanette M. Miller Scholarships awards. Maci Griffith, Chase Overton, Cindi Stueck, and Abbegale Wilson have each received $2,000.

This scholarship was established in 2014 in memory of Jeanette Miller, a hard-working woman who was careful with what she had, lived frugally, and was generous in taking care of those people and institutions that took care of her. Current employees of Virginia Gay Hospital who are furthering their education in the nursing field are eligible to apply for the award.

Maci Griffith is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in the acute care and emergency departments. A graduate of Vinton-Shellsburg High School, she has been at Virginia Gay Hospital for the last three years and is now enrolled at Wartburg College. Maci says it was “a huge passion for helping others” that led her to the nursing field. “I love watching patients get healthier and seeing them smile.”

Chase Overton has two years of experience as a CNA in home health, long-term care, hospital, and emergency room settings. He is also a Vinton-Shellsburg graduate and has attended Central College, the University of Northern Iowa and Allen College of Nursing. Overton shares, “I’m proud of being able to connect with patients on a personal level and provide direct care that makes a difference in someone’s life.”

Cindi Stueck has been at Virginia Gay Hospital for the past seven years. She is a CNA in the acute care and emergency departments while currently attending Kirkwood Community College. “After watching the care our middle daughter received after suffering a severe concussion made me realize that nursing was what I wanted to do,” explains Cindi.

Abbegale Wilson works as a registration clerk in the hospital and a CNA in the acute care, emergency and nursing & rehab departments. Abbegale grew up in Vinton and has worked at VGH for about two and half years. She is now attending Kirkwood Community College and has her sights set on earning a bachelor of science in nursing degree.

Find additional information on the scholarship programs available through Virginia Gay Hospital and the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation at www.myvghfoundation.org/scholarships

Maci Griffith

Chase Overton

Cindi Stueck

Abbegale Wilson