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The Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation’s annual Tree of Lights campaign will provide medical equipment for the hospital and a shade structure in the Mossman Healing Garden at the entry to Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab.

“The VGH Health Care Foundation is committed to supporting the needs of the hospital and clinics in providing quality, safe, and efficient care to our community and the patients we serve,” says Robin Martin, Foundation Director.

“The staff of Nursing and Rehab asked that the sunshade be included in Tree of Lights projects to improve resident access to the outdoors. Except for early morning, the area near the nursing and rehab door on the west side of VGH is in constant sun. With walls enclosing three sides, the area is too sunny and gets too hot for residents to enjoy.”

Improvements to the VGH ultrasound capabilities are also a key priority of this year’s campaign. “The staff would like ultrasound equipment and software improvements so they can offer the optional service of 3D and 4D ultrasound for expecting mothers,” explains Robin. Images made with 3-dimensional ultrasound provide an image that shows depth, similar to a photograph, and with 4-dimensional ultrasound, images of the developing baby are updated constantly, providing something more like a video. Both 3D and 4D ultrasound are optional services rather than standard medical procedures.

Another improvement in ultrasound is the goal of buying the Butterfly IQ Fast Ultrasound. This new device is so portable it has been used on the sideline of sporting events to do immediate testing of potential injuries. Not only is the unit highly portable, but it is also capable of sharing images with other medical professionals through an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant phone app.

Other items on the list include automatic doors for surgery, power exam tables for outpatient use, and a stretcher chair for emergency patients. While the automatic doors improve the ability of staff to move patients, the four exam tables and the stretcher chair will improve the experience patients have. The stretcher chair is on wheels and can be used as a chair and can change into stretcher. This innovation helps eliminate patient transfers from a chair to a bed or between beds. The exam tables make table adjustments smoother and offer a wider variety of settings for the patient’s comfort during exams and procedures.

Established in 1992, the annual Tree of Lights Campaign has generated and contributed more than $1.6M to improve the healthcare of VGH patients. In addition to the Tree of Lights Campaign, the VGH Foundation strives to improve childhood reading with the clinic program, “Reach Out And Read,” and the Foundation strives to make essential services more readily available to women in need through the Gifts of Hope program. Through its scholarship programs, the Foundation works to improve staff education and retention.

“The VGH Health Care Foundation is extremely grateful to our caring community and for the generous gifts that have been given to improve healthcare in Benton County,” says Robin. “Donations to the annual Tree of Lights have funded many improvements at the hospital and clinics, and we are thankful for those improvements as members of the healthcare community and as patients ourselves.”

To be a part of this year’s Tree of Lights annual campaign, complete a giving form and return to the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation office as instructed. To place a contribution online, please visit our donation page.