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Photo of Harold Vanscoy seated in front of a window inside his home. We, the co-workers of Harold, want him to be remembered for his genuine kindness to all, he would say
that kindness makes the world a better place. He was a great storyteller, with many life experiences he
enjoyed to share. He gave great advice and was an attentive listener. He often told positive stories and
anecdotes. His army stories were fascinating, we are proud of his purple hearts. He loved his country
and was a true Veteran.
Harold was an outstanding chef and baker, he loved to spend time in his kitchen, no one could bake a
chocolate cake like Harold. His recipe is top secret. His Fiesta Salsa was a treat, making what he loved
into a thriving business. He was a delightful party entertainer and loved to have an enjoyable time with
friends. We looked forward to those parties.
He adored his family and loved to talk about them. We were such lucky co-workers to have had the
honor of working with this hardworking Physician Assistant. He often spent his days going back and
forth from clinic to ER. He was devoted to taking care of his patients. His office always had freshly brewed
coffee and hot tamales in his candy dish. He would not think he is a hero, but we so believe he is, so
deserving of this hero brick, we will never forget you, Harold. Rest in Peace!