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Portrait of KC Hilsabeck wearing sunglasses and a button down shirt with the

I loved being KC’s little sister, Sam. I shared my brother with my older sister Kim. We grew up on a farm in Blairstown. We fought like siblings, but grew up to know that we had the very best. There was no better place than to grow up on the farm. KC was into motor bikes, cars, trucks, semis and motorcycles. He was very meticulous with his toys. He taught me how to properly wax a vehicle when I was probably 10. I think I was cheap help. He became like my 2nd father after our father passed away when I was 25. He took such great care of our mother (our dad’s last request of him). He lived on our farm the past 25 years and took pride in it. He was so similar to our father. He had larger than life personality, always easy going, kind and fun. His stories were humorous, sometimes exaggerated. No one could tell a story like him. He was very generous, giving to multiple charities, usually for the animals, vets and children. He and his Harley did not miss many local charity bike rides. He was a friend to everyone. He traveled the beautiful country and met many interesting people along the way. He especially enjoyed his Sturgis trips. There were always stories. His finest accomplishment was raising his son Jesse. They were a great father/son team. He loved and adored his grandchildren, Eva and Zane. I hope fun memories of him will never be forgotten.

KC was diagnosed with cancer and fought his battle for 8 months. He chose not to tell a lot of people, as he didn’t want pity. He still had his humor throughout. We tried to be positive. He had great faith in God and that brought comfort. He hoped he would see his dog Chelsea again. He talked that it was ok for him to die, as he lived a great life, and had so much fun, but it wasn’t fair for the sick children. His one regret in life was he wished to have more time to ride. He died at his farm where he wanted to be. He will always be my hero. Our world is a little quieter, but we will never forget “the ride goes on”. He often told us to always have fun, be happy and to “RIDE OFTEN”. Rest in Peace KC!

Kris Salzmann