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Tree of Lights: Annual Campaign

The Tree of Lights is our major annual fundraising campaign and has been for over 25 years. Funds raised from the Tree of Lights supports the healthcare needs of the people who utilize the services of Virginia Gay Hospital and our clinics in Atkins, Van Horne, Vinton, and Urbana. People have the opportunity to purchase various lights or ornaments in memory of or in honor of anyone of their choosing. Download the 2020 donation form or visit our donations page to make an online donation.

Most donations to the Tree of Lights are received over the holiday season, however, gifts are certainly welcomed throughout the calendar year. All gifts are tax-deductible and will be recognized in the local newspaper, on the Foundation website, and on the donor board in the hospital and clinic lobbies.

The Tree of Lights Annual Campaign was started by Ruth Mayhew using the large pine tree that once grew where the fountain is now at the entrance to Virginia Gay Hospital. Donations added lights to the tree in memory of loved ones, and this annual campaign has been a hit ever since. “We are excited to continue the tradition of the VGH Health Care Foundation Tree of Lights,” says Robin Martin, Director of the Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation (VGHHF), “continuing the legacy of Ruth Mayhew who envisioned the opportunity to commemorate loved ones and promote fellowship during the holiday season. La Teresa Music, our first Foundation Director, had a passion for the Tree of Lights annual campaign and for the mission of VGHHF. La Teresa Music was the face of VGHHF giving it solid ground, structure, and the sustainability that we enjoy today. Mike Timmermans took Mrs. Music’s lead, he increased awareness, supported new construction, and provided new charitable opportunities. The Tree of Lights Annual Campaign has been able to support and help sustain the needed equipment and improvements of Virginia Gay Hospital over the years.”

It is with deep gratitude that we thank all of our 2019 Tree of Lights donors and hope for your continued support for our 2020 campaign.

Additional information is available by contacting

Robin Martin
Virginia Gay Hospital Health Care Foundation
502 N. 9th Ave.
Vinton, IA 52349
Phone (319) 472-6375

Tree of Lights Purchases To Date: 2019

Thanks to the generosity of the communities we serve, our Annual Campaign: Tree of Lights has brought in proceeds of $1.3 million since it began in 1992. These proceeds have been used to purchase medical equipment and help with facility improvements. See the timeline below for purchases made each year.

2019: Plans for donations include a 4D and Fast Ultrasound equipment and software for the imaging and emergency departments. Funds will be used for automatic doors to improve safety and security in the surgery suites. We want to add a multi-purpose stretcher chair and power exam tables for use in the outpatient, emergency, and surgery areas. We are also looking to add a sunshade in nursing and rehab’s Mossman Health Garden.


Suzy Q dining cart system, four-jet hydrotherapy whirlpool,  dining tables and chairs for Nursing and Rehab and employee forgivable loans.


Bringing 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) to the hospital and support continued education and growth opportunities for employees in forgivable loans.


 Vinton Family Medical Clinic Expansion


Vinton Family Medical Clinic Expansion



RU Sleeping sleep apena device (Atkins Family Medical Clinic); RU Sleeping sleep apena device and temporal thermometer (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Clinic Expansion, RU Sleeping sleep apena device (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); vest/chest physiotherapy system, cassettes/imaging plates (VGH X-Ray); Nu-Step and treadmill (VGH Cardiac Rehab); digital pediatric scale (VGH Acute and ER)
(3) halogen exam lights (Atkins Family Medical Clinic); Microscope (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); Ultrasound picc line, three (3) Baby Scales, (1) wheelchair scale, (2) regular wheel chairs, (2) XL Wheelchairs (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Digital Mammography Equipment (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Plethysmograph (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Digital column scale, Cryac tracker, Temporal artery thermometer, Oxygen sensor ear clip (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Digital multi-talent scale (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); HDTV monitor and wireless transmitter (VGH OR); wheelchair washer, walkers (VGH Nursing/Rehab)
Shuttle Machine for Therapy (Atkins Family Medical Clinic); Temporal Scan Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters, Smart Lift and Bladder Scanner (VGH Nursing and Rehab); Glidescope, Large table and walkers (VGH Therapy); New freezer, centrifuge and incubator (VGH Lab)
Microscope, EKG machine to prepare info in electronic form (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); EKG machine to prepare info in electronic form (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); ESR analyzer for lab, NuStep (VGH Nursing & Rehab); lite gait, treadmill, balance machine for pt, RAD-57 (VGH Respiratory Therapy)
Woods lamp, cryo gun, wheel chair (Van Horne Family Medical Center); Endoscope/Surgical Equipment (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Pediatric oxygen sensor (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Pediatric oxygen sensor (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); hardware/software (VGH Diabetes Education) recliner and privacy curtain (VGH Nursing & Rehab); 2 vein lights (VGH ER and Lab)
Audiogram and black light (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Call Light System (VGH Nursing & Rehab)
Bone densitometer (VGH X-Ray); bladder scanner, rack for lab, microscope, chair for stress test room (Virginia Gay Hosptial)
AED, 12 lead EKG machine (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Establish educational room complete with tv, tapes, books, etc. (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); Two external defib., Holter monitor replacement, colposcope, capnograph, NuStep, dietary rack (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Wall units w/ otoscope, thermometers, ophthalmoscopes, blood pressure cuffs (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); Plethysmograph (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Digital scale, sterile instruments, nail cutter, nail lifter, Addison forceps, tympanogram, computer (Urbana Family Medical Clinic); Infant scale w/length measurer, sterile instruments, straight and curved forceps, books for PA (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); Whirlpool, chairs (VGH Nursing & Rehab); system for patient discharge, “leep” machine for cancer screening (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Ext. defibrillator, plus oximeter, EKG, spirometer interpretation (Van Horne Family Medical Clinic); Ford van with lift conversion, Luxtec light source, porta-view intubation scope (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Clinic Addition (Van Horne Family Medical Center); Treadmill, bipap machine, imaging device for cat scan, cardiac monitoring chips (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Ford van with lift conversion (Virginia Gay Hosptial)
Elevator for main lobby (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Holter monitor and NuStep equipment (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Establish Cardio-Pulmonary unit (Virginia Gay Hosptial)
Colonoscope/Surgery (Virginia Gay Hospital)
Whirlpool (VGH Nursing & Rehab)
1-1/2 rooms decorated (VGH Nursing & Rehab)